Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Merchant: Kelmscott Bookshop

I realize as a bibliophile, I'm not exactly unbiased about this kind of thing, but I would love to live in a world proliferated with purveyors of unusual broadsides, and artists' books. While the world may not be brimming with this kind of storefront (just yet), the folks at Kelmscott Bookshop of Baltimore are helping to work towards that goal with a wide selection of prints and manuscripts--modern and antiquarian--at lots of different price points (poor students, be not terrified!).

The owner of Kelmscott, Fran Durako, collects books by William Morris. Below are some images of a beautiful broadside they bought and a manuscript that is currently on consignment, both by Maryanne. Stop by and meet their resident cat/security guard, Madeline (every antiquarian bookshop needs a cat, of course). Or take a look at their website--the catalogue images are lovely.

Also, Kelmscott will be at the Boston International Antiquarian Book Fair from November 12-14, which I had the good fortune of attending last year. It's certainly worth a visit, if only to look at all the beautiful, rare books up close.

broadside and image by Maryanne Grebenstein

Morris manuscript (title page) and image by Maryanne Grebenstein

Morris manuscript (poem) and image by Maryanne Grebenstein

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